Why Michelle Obama Could Save The Country’s Health

on Mar 4, 2010

Our president is hard at work to help secure the health of Americans. As I’ve discussed before, his ideas don’t stand a chance at being successful if we Americans don’t follow good lifestyle choices. However, the first lady, Michelle Obama, is making excellent strides in promoting better lifestyle through her focus on childhood obesity. Upon moving into the White House, she established a garden to provide fresh, wholesome, nutritious food for her family. This was an extremely symbolic act as it set an example for families in the rest of the country. Recently, she started a campaign called Let’s Moveto encourage parents and kids to eat better and be more physically active. In the video above, she discusses how the health of our children today will determine the cost of healthcare in a decade. She gets it! She understands! It isn’t about the mess with the healthcare system. It’s about how we live. I applaud her greatly on the work she’s doing and I really hope it does reach people to better their lives. For our own sakes, it’s essential to understand that the way we treat ourselves on a day to day basis determines our own health. It determines the load on the healthcare system. It determines how much money we’re putting into it and especially the financial stability of the country.