Trash the Sports Drinks, Stick with Water

on Apr 13, 2010

Is it in you?

Sorry Gatorade, you got the wrong guy. It’s all water here and it costs nearly nothing coming out of the faucet. I don’t need your high fructose corn syrup laden product to perform.

But soon we’re switching to natural sugar.

Sugar is sugar. See my earlier post here.

But what about the electrolytes?

Okay, so you have some potassium and chlorine ions in your product. I replenish my body with proper meals after activities.

But it makes you perform better!

Hmm, I thought my 10 hours of martial arts and 30 miles of skating, every week, fit the definition of performance. Perhaps we should check the dictionary.

Sports drinks are not only unnecessary, but are also processed products, and likely not good for your health. Save your money and your health – drink water. (Note: the above dialog is written by me but based on fact)