#lively body

Buying Time by Living Vitally

on Feb 9, 2010

Get a full night’s rest. Eat healthily. Be physically active. Spend time with friends and family.

Many people skimp on these things because they’re so busy doing work or other supposedly important things. This strategy is only good in the very short-term, like when you’re eager to finish up some exciting project. However if, on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you aren’t getting enough sleep, are eating crap, aren’t moving very much, or not seeing those close to you, you’re wasting time. Simply put, your body and mind are considerably less efficient when you’re not treating them well. How productive will you be when you’re tired every day? Obvious not very much. The consequences are apparent in the short term time of days.

The long term impact is even more striking. By not living vitally, you also trade your future health for extra time now. Surely you’d cut off years from your life in a strict sense. But it’s even worse that because you’re also cutting off productive and enjoyable years from your life because you’re busy treating health problems in the latter part of your life.

The Bad Rap of ‘Exercise’

on Jan 21, 2010

I don’t like the word exercise. It sounds like work. It sounds boring. It sounds like something I don’t want to do but am forced to do. A lot of people see exercise this way. They don’t realize that physical activity can and should be fun. But the word exercise remains. We need a better term for the incredibly fun ways we move, and show expression through, our bodies. Physical activity doesn’t cut it. Being active doesn’t seem specific enough. I’m at a loss here. Does anyone have a better term?

Bring Your Body to Life

on Jan 21, 2010

What is the essence of yourself? Certainly your mind. Definitely your personality. And especially your body. So treat it well. Of course you should fuel it properly. And bring it to life!

Our bodies are incredible masterpieces with amazing capabilities. So why not let them shine? So get moving. Do fun things. Enjoy the soreness because it’s a sign of progress. Bask in the mighty health benefits that physical activity brings.

Run/bike/skate through the neighborhood. Take up a sport. Practice a martial art. Walk around with energy. Run up the stairs. Throw yourself upside down. And turn that boring life upside down!

How do you bring your body to life?